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Development plans and powered NSDI

The Government by the National Committee on Geo-information, which serves to define the policy and directed the operations of the overall geospatial. Defined policy in the development of national spatial data infrastructure. The implementation is a step respectively significant. For provide a comprehensive fundamental geographic data set and standards. Organize retrieval systems and services geospatial information so that users can access the appropriate information and provide a metadata standards and comprehensive standard on geospatial data. As well as provide knowledge transfer with the personnel different levels. To achieve the knowledge and awareness of participation in the NSDI development process more efficient. The goal is to give everyone a chance to access and use geographic information appropriately. Associated for the mission at all levels, this is part of a progression into electronic government. Thailand’s NSDI development and implementation Framework (NSDI development Plan and implementation Action plan 2011-2015

Promote principles and practices of the NSDI through formal and informal education and training. The users could access the data from anywhere in order to work with and enable data sharing.

March 2019